Release: December 2019AVCA Convention Video Blog – Stephen Green – Here are some informative video blogs from the AVCA Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Stephen Green brings us some updates from the world of volleyball at the biggest volleyball convention in the world! Enjoy and don’t forget to comment! ( read more … )


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Release: May 11th, 2019 – Exciting news!  Ignite Volleyball is proud to announce that the inaugural session of Ignite Sparks & Fire is ready for September 2019!  This is our amazing program for Grades JK – Grade 3.  Have your future volleyball star learn to have fun and love the game!  ( to register and read the full details – click here … )


Release: May 11th, 2019 – Ignite Volleyball’s Magic program is now open for September 2019 registration!  This is for grades 4-6 and is like no other program out there!  Learn the skills, learn the game, learn all the awesome ins and outs of volleyball as you prep for your school team! ( to register and read the full details – click here … )!



Release: May 11th, 2019NEW PROGRAM!  The first of it’s kind, Ignite Volleyball is excited to announce the first of it’s kind…Sparks & Fire PLAY! This is new and will start in January 2020.  Sparks & Fire PLAY is a chance for athletes enrolled in our Sparks & Fire program to come out and just, well, PLAY!  This is parent-run and supported by Ignite.  ( to read the full details – click here … )